New Customer Spotlight on Buildium: From Startup to Market Leader

Buildium relies on Zuora to provide the flexible platform they need to support their accelerated growth.

Buildium provides easy-to-use, affordable cloud property management software solutions for property managers and community associations. It’s the only property management solution that automates the entire property management lifecycle.

From its foundation in 2004, Buildium has successfully made the transition from startup to a market leading SaaS property management platform for real estate professionals. Today, Buildium services more than 12,500 customers in 46 countries, totaling nearly one million residential units under management.

In June 2016, Buildium secured $65 million in funding. This strategic investment is intended to accelerate product innovation and growth. As Buildium pursues aggressive growth strategies, they need to be able to quickly iterate and roll out new pricing models. While their homegrown system was sufficient when they were a smaller company, it was too rigid to support their current growth rates, and need for future flexibility. This is what led them to Zuora.

Buildium chose Zuora to:

  • Quickly iterate and roll out new pricing models
  • Automate back-end billing, payment, and account operations
  • Support accelerated product innovation and growth

Specifically, Zuora is helping Buildium by supporting:

  • Pricing. Buildium has a variety of subscription plans depending on how many units a subscriber manages. Within each available product offering, there are monthly and annual rate plan versions, as well as a usage rate plan. Pricing information is available on their site.
  • Acquiring New Customers. New Buildium customers are acquired via the web portal channel with customized quotes.
  • Billing. Monthly and annual subscriptions are billed through Zuora with Buildium setting billing days as needed.
  • Collecting Payments. Credit card and ACH payments are processed via a payment gateway, with failed payments retried.
  • Nurturing Customers. Customers can manage their subscriptions directly from Buildium’s web portal. New activations call out to Buildium’s provisioning system to trigger the new activation process. Subscribers can upgrade and downgrade, and switch between monthly/annual plans.
  • Measuring Their Business. Buildium will use Zuora reporting for insight into their business.

According to a recent Urban Institute study, over the next 15 years, 59 percent of new households formed will be rentals. This will clearly have a large impact on real estate professionals who will be managing all activities associated with these rentals including vacancy advertising, tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance requests. By automating the entire lifecycle of property management, Buildium will be an essential platform for this future.

Market leading SaaS companies like Buildium choose Zuora when they need to take the next step to support exponential growth.

Learn more about the only property management software designed by property managers at

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