Sydney Subscribed 2016 Recap

Relive the excitement from Sydney Subscribed 2016! Informative sessions, great speakers, and good times!

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Subscribed Sydney 2016 Keynote

Zuora CMO, David Gee, kicks off Subscribed 2016 in Sydney with a powerful keynote addressing the global impact the Subscription Economy is making on businesses, consumers and technology. He shares the stage with Michael Addison, Group Manager at Energy Australia, and Danny Gravell, CIO at Sensis.


Pricing Strategies for Tomorrow

A recent Simon-Kucher global pricing study shows that more than 80% of all companies face increasing price pressure. Pure price level reactions can hardly be the answer to this challenge – the change of the revenue / price model on the other hand can be. This presentation highlights why companies should think out-of-the-box when it comes to their price model and how, for example, subscription models and bundling can not only protect but actually improve margins.

Chris Petzoldt, Managing Director ANZ, Simon Kucher & Partners


How the World Pays

Worldpay, a global payment processing company, shares the fascinating data behind today’s global digital payment trends.

Kevin Dallas, Chief Product & Marketing Officer – Global eCommerce, Worldpay


Disrupting the Traditional Business Model

Brands we know and love are creating new business models anchored on recurring revenue. Join this discussion where we’ll apply lessons from the startup world to local and traditional transaction based business models.

Kim Benito, Director Global Services APAC, Zuora


Monetising Subscription Services

How can you monetise subscriber relationships? Learn how to align market demands, organisational goals, and customer experience requirements to drive your pricing and packaging strategy.

Lane Russell, Senior CSM APAC, Zuora, Hannah Zambrano, Senior Partner, Mindvalley & Andrew Porter, Director Customer & Subscriptions, Fairfax Media


How to Grow, Scale, and Expand your Business with Zuora

APAC MD John Kearney, hosts a fireside chat with local Australian customers to discuss everything from international growth to pricing flexibility & new market segments for ANZ businesses operating in a Subscription Economy.

John Kearney, MD APAC Zuora, John Biviano, MD ANZ, Nearmap & Matt Peters, COO, iSeekPlant


Metrics that Matter: An Operational Framework for Running your Subscription Business

Unlike traditional financial metrics, subscription metrics are forward-looking metrics that give insight into your customer’s success as well as the health of your business. From ARR to churn, learn from best-in-class companies how your metrics can drive growth.

Iain Hassall, VP Finance, Zuora & John Burke, CFO, Siteminder

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