Customer Success: The Elusive Metric Most Companies Are Missing

“Irrespective of your products and value prop, if your customers accelerate the achievement of their goals by deploying of your solutions, you can be assured that your own success will follow.”

Obviously your company is tracking customer success as an important metric, right?

But how are you tracking customer success? And whose success are you really tracking: yours or your customers’?

John Greathouse, from venture firm, Rincon Venture Partners, recently jointly hosted the first SaaStrX event with Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr. The panel included three SaaS CEOs who’ve collectively raised nearly $40 million of venture capital: Reed Shaffner of Workpop, Jerry Jao of Retention Science and Ara Mahdessian from ServiceTitan.

Ara Mahdessian said: “We define ‘customer success’ as enabling our customers to generate more prospects and close more sales. In other words, we measure whether or not we are truly making our customers more successful.”

“In contrast, entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable businesses which blow past $10M in annual recurring revenue, should track metrics tied directly to their customers’ achievements.”

Learn more about how to properly define and track customer success, to tap into a powerful virtuous cycle that can lead to reduced churn and increased annual recurring revenue.

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