2016 Revenue Recognition Summit

2016 Revenue Recognition Summit

Don’t miss the 2016 Revenue Recognition Summit hosted by Leeyo in downtown San Francisco, August 18-19, 2016.


This Summit is the first of its kind: a single event bringing together revenue recognition expertise from industry, government, and a variety of public and private companies. Experts from around the country will meet to focus on revenue recognition and help launch and/or accelerate your company’s efforts to implement the upcoming revenue recognition guidance.

Who should attend:

  • Revenue Accountants. Revenue accountants, managers and directors will learn what to do from the revenue management perspective to create a plan, prepare data, implement tools, and develop policies and procedures in preparation for ASC 606.
  • IT Professionals. IT professionals involved in financial system implementation and integration will learn how ASC 606 adoptions will impact their financial systems and reporting requirements and will learn how to implement or integrate automation tools into their process flow.
  • Financial Management. CFOs, controllers, and other financial leaders will learn the importance of allocating resources to ASC 606 and how to prepare for and manage a complex adoption process.

Zuora is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Revenue Recognition Summit.

Register now if you’re ready to take the next steps towards a complete compliant revenue solution for your company.

Are you ready for the new ASC606 revenue recognition standards? The transition period has already begun! You can get up to speed by downloading our free webinar: Ramp Up to the ASC 606 – IFRS 15 Accounting Standards.

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