Target Brings Harry's Shave Subscriptions To Its Shelves

Target Brings Harry's Shave Subscriptions To Its Shelves

By George Anderson

If you can’t beat ‘em, sell their products. That appears to be at least partially the case with the news that Target is teaming up with Harry’s, the shaving products subscription service. The discount retailer will sell Harry’s products in stores and on

Target, which first began offering an online subscription service for baby products in 2013 and later expanded to other categories, including grocery, health and beauty care, household, home and office, and pet, believes it is perfectly aligned with Harry’s for the partnership. The news release to announce the venture pointed to the similarity between the taglines of the two companies: Harry’s is “A great shave at a fair price” while Target boasts “Expect More. Pay Less.”

“We started talking to Target about working together after we visited its headquarters for Design Week about two years ago and realized how much we have in common,” said Harry’s co-CEO, Andy Katz-Mayfield. “We have a great deal of confidence in their commitment to delivering a great experience to their guests and to Harry’s customers, and our brands share many of the same values. For example, we both appreciate exceptional design, we’re focused on offering high-quality, affordable products and we always try to put customers first.”

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