New Customer Spotlight on Appspace: Engaging Your Workforce

New Customer Spotlight on Appspace: Engaging Your Workforce

Appspace used Zuora to support their pivot to a subscription business model.

Appspace is a global leader in digital signage and enterprise video for employee communications. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with global operations, this successful SaaS company offers an e-signage solution to businesses all over the world. With Appspace software, businesses can create, manage, and deliver customized apps with the most relevant content across all digital media devices.

When Appspace decided to pivot their entire business to a subscription business model, they knew they needed help. They quickly discovered that their inflexible systems were incapable of handling their new subscription offerings, and of moving their perpetual license customers over to subscriptions.

Appspace selected Zuora to:

  • Help make the shift to a subscription model
  • Streamline acquisition of new subscription customers
  • Pursue multiple growth strategies

Zuora is supporting day-to-day Appspace operations, including:

  • Pricing. The bulk of what AppSpace sells today are called Omni subscriptions. Each Omni product is currently composed of three plans: annual, monthly, and prepaid subscription term-based. With multiple plans comes pricing complexity. Omni is also sold in multiple currencies across Appspace’s global business which adds additional complexity.
  • Acquiring New Customers. Appspace is using a guided selling feature for customized quoting flow that includes Docusign. Zuora’s platform supports Appspace’s amendments and renewals as well as new subscriptions.
  • Billing. Appspace can align the subscription billing cycle to suit their requirements and run the bill run accordingly.
  • Accounting. Appspace is using Zuora as a true subledger system, exporting summary journal entries into their general ledger.
  • Iterating. Subscription offerings will continue to be the main source of revenue for Appspace and there are opportunities to allow for different billing options including usage offerings at some point in the future.

With their new subscription model in place, Appspace is growing incredibly fast — and forecasting huge growth. Zuora will continue to provide support for their growth strategies so that more companies globally will benefit from the Appspace solution.

When companies like Appspace pivot to a subscription model, they turn to Zuora.

Learn more about Appspace and how you can use their platform to better engage employees, publishing internal communications content at click speed across locations.

Call 1.800.425.1281 to learn more about how Zuora can help your business.

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