New Customer Spotlight on Driver Support: Optimizing PC Performance — and the Customer Experience

August 4, 2016

Driver Support looks to Zuora to help expand their market presence and scale.

As the global trusted driver update authority, Driver Support technology is embedded in dozens of software titles aimed at improving the PC computing experience. Since 1996, Driver Support has been producing award-winning proprietary software to help PC users diagnose, review, and resolve issues and optimize their PCs’ performance.

With PC’s becoming more and more difficult to manage and lasting longer, there is a growing demand for consumer-based technical support. Driver Support’s needed help expanding their market presence into the SMB space with a subscription-based product catalog that can handle one-time and recurring charges.

Driver Support selected Zuora to help them:

  • Increase pricing and packaging flexibility for their Driver Support product offerings
  • Increase the lifetime value (LTV) of customers through increased sales and cross-selling of new services into their existing customer base
  • Provide an improved customer service experience by empowering customers to self-service their subscriptions on-demand.

Specifically, Zuora is supporting Driver Support with:

  • Pricing. Zuora provides Driver Support with pricing flexibility, discounting ability, and a robust platform for a subscription business model. Zuora’s platform supports their product catalog and range of subscription options.
  • Acquiring New Customers. Zuora is helping Driver Support to improve their customer acquisition process — in both speed and accuracy.
  • Billing. All billing and taxing procedures are automated and managed through Zuora.
  • Collecting Payments. Driver Support will use Zuora to enable automated payment processing, with automatic customer invoicing and payment collection.
  • Measuring Their Business. Driver Support will leverage Zuora’s reporting functionality to pull key operational and financial metrics in order to make decisions on price strategy, pricing models, and churn. Zuora’s business insight module is a powerful tool to support Driver Support’s subscription strategy.
  • Scaling their Business. Getting up and running on Zuora is helping Driver Support to launch their product offerings via the subscription economy. As they figure out a recurring revenue model that works for them, they can start to scale their market accordingly.

With 4M users and 185K scans a day, Driver Support strives to keep their customers’ computers running at their best.

Companies like Driver Support choose Zuora when they need help figuring out — and supporting — a recurring revenue model.

Learn more about Driver Support and their new Active Optimization which not only keeps devices updated, but gives users the most out of their systems.

And to learn more about how Zuora can help your business, call 1.800.425.1281.