Leeyo Swag Does Good

Leeyo Swag Does Good

Sometimes a backpack is more than just a backpack.

For the average child in Haiti, a backpack goes beyond simple fashion accessory to storage space for all their their worldly possessions. Often, access to one is the difference between going to school and not. Sometimes, it’s a symbol of hope.

2016-BiH-June-8x-474Leeyo Software was fortunate to be able to help in this regard recently when Mike Ream, the son of one of our employees, participated in an organized visit to the region in support of Believe in Haiti–a 501(c)(3) organization–with 82 Leeyo backpacks in tow. As part of his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout project, Mike organized the collection of various school supplies to be given to students, teachers and street vendors in Haiti.

During a stop in the community of St. Roch last month, the single-strapped, weather-resistant carriers were handed out amidst a crowd of excited children whose food, supplies and schooling are sponsored by Believe in Haiti. They attend Catholic or Adventist schools since there are no free public schools in Haiti.

“These backpacks are vital for the school children in Haiti,” said Whitney Henwood, Co-Founder and CEO of Believe in Haiti. “In many cases, the backpacks are required by the school and without these backpacks, children may be prevented from attending school. In a society where the average person lives on $2 per day, a backpack may end up costing a week’s worth of wages, which becomes less of a priority with starving children at home.”

Those of us at Leeyo Software have always considered ourselves to be fortunate. Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded just how fortunate we truly are.

We’re proud to have offered this small measure of assistance to the people of Haiti.

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Credit for the awesome photos to Jensen Sutta.

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