Episode 28: Rappin' with Rajeev

Episode28Matt and Jim are joined on this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts” by Rajeev Reddy, a key cog in Leeyo’s Professional Services organization who has worked with some of the company’s most significant client implementations to date. As one of the team members more likely to be found in the field at a customer site as opposed to one of Leeyo’s offices, Rajeev offers his perspective on what it takes to achieve a successful revenue automation implementation project, how clients can help to that end and why an organized beginning is the best chance for a happy ending.

The “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast presented by Leeyo Software reviews questions asked through the website, email, out in the field, webinars or at industry events to find answers for each, often directly from our guest experts.

Please submit questions and feedback to podcast@leeyo.com or via the “Ask the Experts” box in the right-hand sidebar.

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