Spotlight on Quinyx AB – New Zuora Customer Highlight

July 13, 2016

New Customer Spotlight on Quinyx AB: The Market Leader in SaaS Workforce Management

Zuora is the chosen billing solution for Quinyx and their 140,000+ global users.

Workforce Management is a resource-intensive task that’s a real pain point for most companies. Quinyx AB is a B2B provider of web-based workforce management software solutions aiming to remedy that. As the marketing leader in SaaS workforce management, they provide support for Scheduling, Time reporting, Communication, Task Management, Budgeting and Forecasting. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and founded in 2005, Quinyx is driven by the belief that management of staff can be made much more efficient.

As efficiency experts, Quinyx recently noted an inefficiency in their billing process: they had reached the limit for managing their subscription billing with their existing ERP solution. So they decided to separate out Subscription Management and Billing from their ERP and move this function to Zuora’s best-of-breed solution, seamlessly integrating with their Salesforce implementation.

With Zuora, Quinyx now offers its customers a better customer experience and has:

  • A unified front office where sales and support can easily access up-to-date customer information and drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Flexibility to drive new business models and bring innovative products to market faster.
  • Streamlined separate billing, collections, and accounting processes to reduce cost and gain efficiency.
  • A consolidated view of the business and revenue recognition.

Specifically, Quinyx AB chose Zuora for:

  • Billing – Quinyx will use Zuora for billing of all SaaS license fees and packaged offers for the majority of Quinyx customers. And Zuora will automatically calculate taxes as well. Invoices produced by Zuora will either be emailed directly to the customer or to a back-office inbox for manual printing and posting.
  • Pricing – Quinyx will use Zuora’s product catalog for pricing support. Quinyx products configured in Zuora include recurring SaaS licenses, one-time fees for implementation, training and e-learning packages, and recurring fees for sms notifications.
  • Acquiring New Customers – Quinyx uses Salesforce to acquire new customers. When a deal is signed, subscriptions will be activated, termed, and set-up to auto renew for a seamless process.
  • Nurturing Customers – Quinyx is using Zuora for Salesforce to support major nurture use cases including upgrades, downgrades, and order corrections.
  • Accounting – Zuora is being used for revenue recognition.
  • Measuring Their Business – Quinyx uses Salesforce reports for sales-related reporting and Zuora data sources for operational and financial reporting. Additionally, Quinyx is exploring possibilities to support the business decision making with true subscription metrics provided by Zuora.

As proud suppliers to customers like McDonald’s, Burger King, Decathlon, Rituals Cosmetics, SSP and News International and with more than 140,000 users, Quinyx needs billing to be easy and accurate. Zuora is proud to support Quinyx and all the companies who use Quinyx to optimize their workforce management.

B2B Companies like Quinyx turn to Zuora to consolidate multiple quote-to-cash processes, gain a unified view of the business, and drive business model innovation.

Learn more about Quinyx and their complete toolkit for Workforce Management.

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