Spotlight on Contactually - New Zuora Customer Highlight

Spotlight on Contactually - New Zuora Customer Highlight

New Customer Spotlight on Contactually: New Opportunities through Authentic Engagement

Contactually, a virtual assistant for your email, now using Zuora to help grow and innovate.

Contactually is a CRM tool that gives you everything you need to easily organize the most important people in your network, and keep you from falling out of touch over time.

Founded in 2011, and located in Washington, DC, Contactually discovers opportunities in your inbox by proactively suggesting next steps to take with contacts. First, they connect email accounts to their system. Then, they analyze conversation history for each relationship and automatically send you prompts to re-engage with those people that are slipping off your radar. This ensures that the most important relationships are in good standing, and that important people and business opportunities never slip through the cracks.

With a new funding round in their future and customer acquisition steadily growing, Contactually realized that their current billing, finance, and reporting systems weren’t sufficient to handle increased volume as they scaled. Then they discovered Zuora: the platform they needed to help them to grow and innovate.

With Zuora, Contactually can now:

  • Monetize customers at scale.
  • Meet diverse subscription management, billing, and payments expectations for multiple customer segments in a single solution.
  • Build customer loyalty by giving consumers control over and visibility into their subscriptions.

Specifically, Zuora supports:

  • Pricing – With different plans for Basic, Professional, and Enterprise users, Contactually needed a robust system to help with pricing and packaging. Zuora can help create more packages to streamline the sales process.
  • Billing – Some of Contactually’s customers are on monthly billing plans, while others are billed annually. Their system needed to automate billing to easily manage different terms. If Contactually makes the decision to add usage type products, Zuora also supports usage billing.
  • Nurturing Customers – Contactually’s customer web portal allows customers to update their subscriptions and even change plans. This self-service empowers their customers and lessens the need for internal customer support.
  • Measuring Their Business – Contactually is using Zuora reports to automate data warehouse refreshes for external analytics/reporting.

Contactually’s vision is that “the most successful businesses in the world will be built upon personal, authentic relationships with their clients and partners.” We couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly in the power of authentic engagement and look forward to continuing to support Contactually.

Companies like Contactually turn to Zuora to automate the quote-to-cash revenue stream.

To learn more about Contactually and their mission, check out this recent Inc. article featuring Zvi Band, founder and CEO of Contactually for his thoughts on putting quality (of relationships), over quantity.

And for more about Contactually’s success and how Zuora can support your business, call 1.800.425.1281 today!

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