Spotlight on Doctolib - New Zuora Customer Highlight

Spotlight on Doctolib - New Zuora Customer Highlight

New Customer Spotlight on Doctolib: Growing Healthcare Digital Platform

France-based startup Doctolib chooses Zuora to support their international expansion

Doctolib isn’t just a lead-generating platform referencing doctors; it’s a brand new platform for medical professionals to manage all their bookings and for patients to easily schedule appointments.

Founded by Stanislas Niox-Chateau (well known as a key VC for Lafourchette which was acquired by Tripadvisor) in France in 2013, Doctolib already receives over 3 million unique visitors every month who are seeking quick access to healthcare services. Over the course of the next 2 years, Doctolib is targeting international expansion starting with Western Europe (e.g. Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland).

Doctolib chose Zuora as the best subscription platform to:

  • Support their massive growth strategy
  • Prepare for the complexities of billing, pricing, payments, etc. when expanding into different countries
  • Support an internal shift from an emphasis on self-service to a growing sales team

After a short implementation, Doctolib is live on Zuora and looking forward to support in the following areas:

  • Acquiring New Customers – Current customer acquisition is via the Doctolib ecommerce website, but they have plans to scale acquisition with Salesforce by rapidly growing their sales team.
  • Billing – Doctolib has multiple billing entities, with both individual doctors as well as practices of several doctors. They need a flexible billing system that allows for simple proration and usage-based billing for their online call center.
  • Nurturing Customers – Zuora will help Doctolib handle the entire customer lifecycle, including upsells, cross-sells, and downsells.
  • Accounting – Doctolib will use Zuora as an Account Receivable subledger that will integrate into their General Ledger.
  • Measuring Their Business – For better insight into the health of their business, Doctolib will leverage Zuora’s reporting capabilities.
  • Iterating – Doctolib will leverage Zuora to iterate on its current pricing and packaging as needed, and to refine its offers.
  • Scaling their Business – Zuora’s platform will also be key in supporting localized pricing strategies as they look to replicate their same model as they scale internationally.

For anyone who’s ever struggled to get a same day doctor appointment, Doctolib is providing a welcome solution. We look forward to helping them bring this great service to Western Europe and beyond.

You can learn more about Doctolib and founder Stanislas Niox-Chateau in this great feature by MIT Technology Review.

Companies like Doctolib that are going international rely on Zuora to help rapidly grow their sales teams, iterate on pricing, and support global payment methods.

If you want more information on moving your company into new geographies, check out this piece: Recurring Payments – Act Locally, Perform Globally.

And to learn more about how Zuora is supporting companies like Doctolib — and how we can support your business, call 1.800.425.1281 today!

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