For True IoT Security, We Need Better-Made Things

For True IoT Security, We Need Better-Made Things

“Networked devices for your smart home are the modern way to manage your life, but the rush to sell shoddy smart products risks compromising security.”

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We’ve been seeing it – and saying it – for a while now: In this IoT world, the promised allure and convenience of the internet of things can be seriously diminished by serious IoT security concerns.

“There’s a lot to be said for a properly networked world. It could be safer, greener, more efficient and more productive than the one we currently inhabit. But in order for that to emerge, the system has to be designed in the way that the internet was designed in the 1970s; by engineers who know what they’re doing, setting the protocols and technical standards that will bring some kind of order and security into the chaos of a technological stampede.”

“Given that technological determinism is what drives this industry, everyone and his dog is racing to get on the IoT bandwagon.” But with more and more companies branching out into IoT, companies – and consumers – need to be more aware of security issues, and how to protect devices.

“There are thousands of insecure IoT products already out there. If our networked future is built on such dodgy foundations, current levels of chronic online insecurity will come to look like a golden age. The looming dystopia can be avoided, but only by concerted action by governments, major companies and technical standards bodies.”

Read more about IoT security risks, encryption protocals and dual authentication, and IoT scaling challenges in our free guide by Zuora CSO Pritesh Parekh, Breaking and Entering РIoT Security: Understanding the Risks of a Connected World

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