Episode 26: System Considerations Follow to RoseRyan Webinar

Episode 26: System Considerations Follow to RoseRyan Webinar

Episode26Matt and Jim are joined for this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts” by Diana Gilbert, Senior Consultant at the SF Bay Area-based accounting firm of RoseRyan, to follow up on her firm’s recent joint venture with Leeyo for a webinar titled, “A Strategic Approach to the New RevRec Rules.” The trio do a bit of a deep dive on the topic of system considerations and for some extra kicks – not to mention valuable insight – bring Jeff Jackson, Leeyo’s VP of Sales, into the conversation.

To learn more about RoseRyan or to contact Diana Gilbert directly, you can reach her at dgilbert@roseryan.com.

To contact Jeff Jackson, send an email to sales@leeyo.com.

The “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast presented by Leeyo Software reviews questions asked through the website, email, out in the field, webinars or at industry events to find answers for each, often directly from our guest experts.

Please submit questions and feedback to podcast@leeyo.com or via the “Ask the Experts” box in the right-hand sidebar.

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