Disney as a Service: Why Disney is Closer than Ever to Walt’s 60 Year Old Vision


To many, Disney has become the posterchild for poor licensing decisions in digital era. Four years ago, the company sold exclusive digital rights to nearly the entire Disney catalog through the end of the decade. As a result, critics argue, Disney can do little to adapt to the OTT and D2C era – and enabled Netflix to build its own digital empire. But by focusing on Disney’s inflexibilities, this narrative overlooks the nuances of the company’s digital content strategy. Not only is Disney’s future bright, it’s closer than ever to fulfilling Walt own vision for the storied ‘House of Mouse’.

Read the full article at: redef.com

Some fascinating conjecture from ReDef on “Disney as a Service.” What might the company’s future subscription service look like? Hint — it’ll feature lots more than streaming video.

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