High Volume Demands High Performance

Let’s say your company has an estimated $10M in annual revenue with $2 dollars-a-month in subscription revenue. In this scenario, consider the annual subscriptions and billing and just how many transactions are required to reach that sum. Your revenue recognition management system must process each of those transactions one by one, and fast.

No small feat. On the contrary, it’s quite a large feat. Yet, in today’s environment, it is also expected and needed.

Subscription businesses are on the rise and both speed and flexibility are necessities to successfully launch products, automate manual processes and provide insight into the metrics which inform business decisions. These operations require systems with services built on a secured, high-performing and scalable infrastructure.

The need to handle high volumes effectively is a must as more folks move to a subscription model. By the year 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will switch business models from traditional license and maintenance to subscription, according to the Gartner report, “Market Trends: Prepare Now to Smooth the Inevitable Transition to a Subscription-Based Business Model.”

We been investing a great deal in the necessary technologies to crunch these high volume numbers in RevPro. As many among our clientele prepare for this onslaught of massive volumes in revenue processing, we’re making sure to stay a step ahead by incorporating in memory processing within the product to meet – nay, exceed – this need.

Architectural improvements, code optimization and more multi-threaded processing has enabled our ability to scale and crunch the reams of data produced in today’s high-volume world. Transaction volumes which would’ve required a full day to process are being handled in a matter of hours now.

Recent performance benchmarks include the successful processing of half a million transactions end to end in under an hour, a 60 percent gain in performance – so far. Think about the amount of processing a single transaction must undergo end to end in revenue recognition. Our target is to process ten million transactions end to end in under two hours and we’re well on our way to hitting that goal.

We see the future and it’s a high volume, high performance world. We’re ready for it.

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