MarketMix for Media: The Comprehensive M&E Solution for OTT Video

MarketMix for Media is a new end-end multi-platform video solution from Deloitte that brings together the combined power of Zuora (subscription billing and management), Adobe (marketing and video delivery), and Salesforce (sales and support). It helps M&E companies launch, monetize, and manage direct-to-consumer (DTC) video offerings –

  • Deliver live, linear, and on-demand TV and film content supported by subscription video on demand (SVOD), advertising, rental, and electronic sell-through (EST) business models
  • Acquire, service, and retain your audience more efficiently
  • Complement existing business models while reducing execution risk and accelerating time-to-market

We spoke with Craig Barberich, Zuora’s Global Head of Media Solutions on the initiative:


Can you explain how MarketMix for Media works?

MarketMix for Media might be the world’s most comprehensive and scalable OTT Video platform. Deloitte has pre-integrated the world’s best marketing platform (Adobe) , with the world’s best monetization platform (Zuora) and the world’s best sales and support platform (Salesforce). And Deloitte provides strategic services to help the world’s leading media, telecom and cable companies quickly and successfully launch, monetize and manage OTT video services. Deloitte has done all the hard IT investigation, integration, testing work, delivering a turn-key, end-end OTT solution that lets media companies instantly focus on delivering and monetizing video content, rather than spend resources on building IT infrastructure.

What prompted such a diverse group of companies to come together?

This was really lead by Deloitte Digital. I believe they got to see the full platform of each of the three companies (Zuora, Adobe and Salesforce) being utilized on various projects and perhaps, more importantly saw those implementations scale and lead to success. Deloitte approached Zuora with the idea and strategic vision to create a world-class OTT platform from the three best-of-breed providers. Once we heard their idea and the rationale behind helping global companies quickly launch OTT services, we were instantly on board to help and participate.

What kind of companies will benefit from it – OTT/digital natives and/or traditional media companies?

The companies that will benefit the most are probably the traditional media, telecom and cable companies. These companies have huge existing subscriber bases and are seeing the market moving toward OTT/ DTC (Direct to Consumer) services. When such large companies think about launching a service, it’s not to test waters with a small number of users, it’s really about launching a world class service that can operate at scale, market in multiple languages, transact in multiple currencies, utilize predictive analytics to minimize churn, and provide self-service mobile apps to meet customers where they want. And to do all this rapidly, globally and across multiple devices and screens. With Zuora, Adobe, Salesforce, and Deloitte – it really is the best of the best.

Isn’t OTT just for millennials? How do you see it impacting the larger media landscape?

Millennials are leading the way, and certainly are more mobile focused. But the new OTT delivery paradigm is reaching all age groups and demographics., A Hub Entertainment Research study found that 68% of the US broadband customers now subscribe to an online streaming service, up from 47% in 2015. That is an incredible number in such a short amount of time. The OTT question is no longer “Will it happen?” but instead it’s “How can every traditional cable, telecom, and media company enter the OTT market? I think Deloitte has created the shortest route to success for all those companies.

For more on succeeding in the new world of OTT Video, download our blueprint and check out more resources on the Zuora Academy!

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