Episode 21: May Content Review

As is now tradition, the boys wrap the month with an “Ask the RevRec Experts” episode dedicated to recent revenue recognition content created – and sometimes collated – by Leeyo. The month of May was, dare we say, chock full of vital tidbits for an industry continuing to “rev” up over the new guidance (see […]

The Final Final for the New Revenue Recognition Standard ?

Is this the end? Haven’t we all seen those films where you think it’s over and suddenly the bad guy (or gal) gets back up? We’re talking to you, every “Halloween” movie, “Friday the 13th” flick, “Fatal Attraction” and countless others. Or, those final celebrations in honor of the conquering heroes which really weren’t? *Cough* […]

Prince: Digital Pioneer in the Subscription Economy

How Prince and Bowie Started Streaming Music Services was originally published in TechCrunch by Tien Tzuo, cofounder and CEO of Zuora. In the wake of Prince’s untimely death, more and more stories have been revealed about his secret life of good works: anonymous checks, civil rights activism, charity concerts, etc. Right now, Paisley Park staff […]

Episode 20: Report from RGP Seattle Workshop and PwC RevRec Bootcamp

This week’s episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts” is another road trippin’ adventure, so to speak, as Matt and Jim double dip recap both a revenue recognition workshop with RGP in Seattle and PwC’s Revenue Recognition Bootcamp. The power-packed lineup of guests features FOP (“Friend of the Pod”) Shauna Watson of RGP, PwC’s Chris Smith […]

Tidal’s Lawsuit and the Fight for Subscriber Identity

Originally published in VentureBeat by Tien Tzuo, cofounder and CEO of Zuora. First Prince’s entire catalog, then Beyonce’s Lemonade, and now, Radiohead. Yes, streaming music service Tidal has scored yet another big get with Radiohead’s recent announcement that they’ll stream their new album A Moon Shaped Pool on Tidal (and Apple Music too, but, notably, […]

Disney as a Service: Why Disney is Closer than Ever to Walt’s 60 Year Old Vision

To many, Disney has become the posterchild for poor licensing decisions in digital era. Four years ago, the company sold exclusive digital rights to nearly the entire Disney catalog through the end of the decade. As a result, critics argue, Disney can do little to adapt to the OTT and D2C era – and enabled Netflix to build its own digital empire. But by focusing on Disney’s inflexibilities, this narrative overlooks the nuances of the company’s digital content strategy. Not only is Disney’s future bright, it’s closer than ever to fulfilling Walt own vision for the storied ‘House of Mouse’.

Episode 19: Action Plan with Amanda – Strategy Outline

The guys return to the 2016 RevRec Action Plan as topic du jour for Episode 19 of “Ask the RevRec Experts” as Amanda G. Carrillo again joins in to help talk through the third step in the plan, Strategy Outline. The trio discuss how companies can and should start working through a strategy for implementing the […]

Zuora & Workday CSOs in Conversation

Leading SaaS CSOs Pritesh Parekh, VP & Chief Security Officer at Zuora and Niall Browne, VP & Chief Trust Officer at Workday talk about their favorite topics. Read on to find out what they think about security strategy, the need for DevSecOps and lots more!