Localized Invoices Are Easy With Zuora

Localized Invoices Are Easy With Zuora

Contributed post by JJ Xia, Director Product Marketing at Zuora. Originally published on Medium.

If you have international customers, then chances are you want to send those customers invoices in their local language. What you want to avoid is creating duplicate records in your system for the purpose of localizing the record name on invoices, in notifications, and through other forms of communication.

Imagine that you have customers across 30 different languages. That means you would need to create 30 different products in order for invoices to display the product name, rate plan, charge, and other fields in the correct language.

It works, but it’s a workaround.

With the addition of a translation table in Zuora, it’s now much simpler to send invoices in a customer’s preferred language. Zuora customers can create and maintain a translation table (unique to them) for all merge fields.

That means, you now only need to create one master record — in this case, one master product — instead of duplicates. Whenever an invoice is generated (whether as a single invoice or in a batch), Zuora will look up to the translation table and display the right translations on that invoice based on the customer’s locale setting.

Much simpler, right?

Watch this short video to learn more about Zuora Billing, the industry leading recurring billing solution.

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