Subscribed 16: Day Two Highlights

Insights were flying on day two of Subscribed. Check it out…

“Ultimately, growth is about products. You have to lean in the direction of products and their relevant metrics.” Andrew Chen, Uber

“Your tools are as effective as your data.” Tony Dyck, Box

“Be careful about department-level wins at large enterprises. They can turn out to be false positives.” Chris Kelly, KISSmetrics

“In the future, we’re going to have much more sophisticated definitions of audiences.” Jeff Allen, VP Cloud Video, IBM/Clearleap

“The ability to have a relationship with the subscriber is fundamental to what we do.” Scott Bailey, The Enthusiast Network

“You have to look at what your business creates as a core value. What is that specific moment where the most value is being generated for your company?” Andrew Chen, Uber

“The challenge: customer data lives everywhere, but how do you access it, and how do you leverage it?” Rachel English, Zuora

“Try to find the data points that illustrate the value that your customer is getting from your product. Look for metrics that are a proxy for value so that you can measure this value and increase it over time.” Kevin Suer, Zuora

“The way that we’ve grown to our scale is by super-serving our audience.” Reid DeRamus, Crunchyroll

“Disruption today is coming from the commercial accounts. Your smart, small customers will wind up becoming big customers. They’ll either grow, or get acquired.” Marc Diouane, Zuora

“Large businesses doesn’t need what they already have. They want new products and services. And they want them yesterday if possible.” Adam Kessler, Dell

“You can’t start a fire with paid marketing. You can start a fire and then accelerate it with paid marketing, but you need that fire first.” Reid DeRamus, Crunchyroll

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