Subscribed: Day One Highlights

Subscribed: Day One Highlights

“Why not perpetually stay in that beta mindset?” Tien Tzuo, Zuora


“ERP is not dead. It’s being redefined. It’s being Ubered.” Andy Main, Deloitte Digital


“Loyalty programs are frequent flier programs. There is no loyalty. It’s the flying experience that generates loyalty.” Jeff Potter, SurfAir


“Value chains have fragmented, industries have converged, new ecosystems are emerging.” Sara Carlson, IBM Global Business Services


“”The hard stuff is fun. That’s where you get to try new stuff and advance the company.” Carey Butler, Seattle Times


“Go to the data as quickly as you can. The data whispers the truth.” Neil Whitney, IBM


“Vision without execution is hallucination.” Angel Diaz, IBM


“Overcommunicate. Take responsibility. Do stuff out of your job description to get stuff done.” Sri Rajan, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


“After we replaced the card with biometrics, our enrollments went up 300% month over month.” Kevin Lupowitz, Clear


“We used to be a magazine company. Today we’re a media company.” Tim Adams, Time Customer Service


“We wanted to change from a hardware-based business to a software-driven business. That’s a huge shift for a company that started out selling cash registers.” Mark Sisco, NCR


“Newspapers aren’t going through a journalism crisis. The journalism has never been stronger or more widely read. This is a business model issue.” Denise Warren, Tribune Publishing


“Do you use your own product? Are you at the point that you can identify yourself as a testbed for product and engineering?” – Alvina Antar, Zuora


“We need to be able to change quickly and in some areas, need to operate like a start-up.” Jeffrey A. Jacobs, Caterpillar Inc.


“Paywalls only work if your content isn’t commodified.” Neil Robinson, Time Inc.


“We want to reward our readers who share frequently, and act as brand ambassadors. We don’t need to charge them more.” Subrata Mukherjee, The Economist


“ARR doesn’t exist as a snapshot in time. It’s a trend metric. Where have we been? Where are we going? Where is the opportunity?” Jeff Barlam, LogicMonitor


“We already started some companies. We already had our beards. We already had our mantra: Let’s  grow it out.” Alex Brown, Dollar Beard Club


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