Episode 17: Smart Software, A Spreadsheet Sayonara and Kebabs

Are you in for a treat or what? We’ll side with ‘treat,’ but the ‘what’ is cool, too. Episode 17 of “Ask the RevRec Experts” takes a look back at a banner month for content available to interested denizens of the revenue recognition industry. Matt and Jim revisit the opinions of accounting professionals, tech titans […]

Full Foreign Currency Exchange in Zuora

Managing foreign currency exchange (FX) gets exponentially more challenging as a company grows. With Zuora, you have a full set of FX capabilities right out of the box.

Localized Invoices Are Easy With Zuora

Sending localized invoices can be an administrative nightmare, but with Zuora’s translation table it’s now easy to send invoices in a customer’s preferred language.

Spend and Resume a Customer Subscription

The act of suspending and later resuming a subscription is a common — and often problematic — use case for all subscription companies. See how Zuora’s one-click suspect and resume functionality alleviates the headache of this function.

Let’s Survey the Demise of Spreadsheets

Have all the data transfer rates, director commentaries and big-digit lens aperture you want, DVD and Blu-ray, your days are numbered, you just don’t know it yet. Once home video offerings of subscription on-demand services and cable on-demand took root, the death knell toward obsolescence started chiming for those prior distribution technologies. Just ask PwC. (Don’t even […]

Big Shift to Smarter Software

You don’t have to be the head honcho of a global tech giant to gaze into the future and offer insightful predictions on what’ll shape our technological future, but it sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to expanding that narrative’s outreach. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, speaking at the Forbes CIO Summit last month, said the […]

Episode 15: Live from Zuora Subscribed — Is it a Bear or a Budgie?

Everyone hold tight as Matt and Jim hit the road again for Episode 15 of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” recorded at Subscribed 2016, the annual conference by subscription billing, commerce and finance leader – and Leeyo partner – Zuora. As a platinum sponsor of the event, we were front and center to connect with a […]