Episode 10: Action Plan with Amanda - Get Started

Episode 10: Action Plan with Amanda - Get Started

Episode10Our “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast lives up to its title in Episode 10 with our internal expert guest, Amanda G. Carrillo, Leeyo’s Pre-Sales Accounting Manager. Beyond her Leeyo expertise, Amanda’s background includes a wealth of experience in finance and with strategic project initiatives. She joins hosts Matt and Jim for “Action Plan with Amanda,” in which we delve into the ‘Get Started’ step of Leeyo’s 2016 RevRec Action Plan. Expect this to be an ongoing feature on the podcast.

As Amanda notes, this first step is in many ways one of the most important in the whole plan, “mainly because a lot of people don’t know where to even start.”

She goes on to share a lot of great tips, including why it might not be good to sit back and wait for management directives on how to approach the new guidance, which folks make up the best internal team for this mission and why some people might require a shake-up to wake up.

The “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast presented by Leeyo Software reviews questions asked through the website, email, out in the field, webinars or at industry events to find answers for each, often directly from our expert guest contributors.

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