Disrupting Aviation with Subscription Monetization

Disrupting Aviation with Subscription Monetization

Surf Air’s launch in 2013 disrupted the aviation industry. The all-you-can-fly membership airline has continued to lead the change and now has a waitlist for membership. Join Mac Kern, Vice President of Commercial Planning at Surf Air at our upcoming Subscribed conference April 12-13, 2016 in San Francisco to discuss Monetizing Subscription Services.

Since joining Surf Air at service launch in June 2013, he has focused on the company’s revenue and network development efforts, helping secure a 65 aircraft order and preparing for nation-wide and global expansion. Prior to this, Kern was with Virgin America managing marketing, pricing and inventory strategies for the Revenue Management team.

At Subscribed ‘16, Kern will discuss SurfAir’s unique subscription business model and pricing and packaging strategy with Kyle Christensen, VP Marketing at Invoca and Monika Saha, VP Product Marketing at Zuora.

It’s a great opportunity to learn how to align market demands, organizational goals, and customer experience requirements to drive your pricing and packaging strategy!

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Excerpt from an interview with Mac Kern:

Mac Kern_ Surf Air (Client Picture; Requires Editor's Permission)

Why is the subscription business model pivotal to Surf Air?

From a business perspective, we all know that airlines have struggled for years. It’s a very capital intensive business, not to mention commodity-based. Prices get driven downward. It’s very competitive.
The subscription model gives us predictive revenue — that’s something that no commercial carriers have. They don’t know if a flight is going to be profitable until the door on the airplane closes (and they still have to fly at that point!).
Because of subscriptions, we know exactly how much revenue we’re going to generate at the beginning of every month. So we can scale our operation effectively, because we know exactly how much flying we’re able to execute.That kind of insight is basically magic in the aviation industry. No one has been able to do that before. We’re taking the industry to the next level, and it’s really all due to subscriptions.

Read the full interview here. And read our case study to learn more about SurfAir’s success.

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