10 Reasons to Attend Subscribed — April 12-13, 2016 — San Francisco

February 18, 2016

Hilton – San Francisco | April 12-13, 2016

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Subscribed is the only conference dedicated to the subscription experience. The objective? To help companies – of all shapes and sizes, from all industries – to reinvent their business around quality products and services, delightful experiences, and lasting subscriber relationships.

Since we coined the term “subscription economy,” we know first-hand that the key to a successful subscription business is to listen to – and follow the lead of – your subscribers. So, rather than tell you why we think you should attend Subscribed 2016, we’re going to let our subscribers (attendees from last year’s event) speak for us.

In addition to “amazing” speakers, “contagious energy,” “wonderful networking opportunities,” “incredible reveals,” “thought provoking” and “fresh and non-cliche” content, and strong “audience interaction,” previous attendees highlight some top reasons why our annual Subscribed event is the don’t miss event of the year for subscription businesses.


1. “Where the learning and experience sharing happens.” – a digital marketing firm, and Zuora customer, in the process of scaling its business model

At Subscribed 2016, we’re bringing together leaders from successful subscription businesses and product experts to problem-solve, network, and provide the tools and education you need to build and grow your subscription business.

2. “Very content-rich” – a manager for a media company in the process of pivoting to a subscription business model

We respect that your time is valuable, so we’re committed to providing substantive content that’s specifically geared for every role in your organization. You pick your Subscribed 2016 journey: everyone can pursue their track and easily access the information they need.

3. “Showed you how to better learn about your customers and target them” – Zuora customer and IT professional in software

It’s all about your subscribers. But how can you serve them if you don’t know who they are, what they want, or how they’re interacting with your offerings? We’ll show you how to access and use subscriber identity insights for a truly customer-focused business. And for tech professionals, this year we’re offering “The New IT” with Zuora CIO Alvina Antar for frank discussions around creating scalable ecosystems.

4. “The leadership academy was kickass!” – enthusiastic sales professional

Creative keynotes, big picture thinkers, birds’ eye view of the future of subscription businesses, connected devices, and digital tech. We do our best to provide speakers and topics that will help you look at your subscribers and business with fresh eyes – and the information you need to act on these insights. Plus, for all those enthusiastic sales professionals, we also offer killer growth strategies and kick-ass advice on growing your sales team.

5. “CFO Summit was exceptionally useful” – SaaS business CFO

CFOs are all about ROI and so is our invite-only CFO Summit with Zuora CFO Tyler Sloat. This exclusive event is designed for finance leaders to discuss market trends and get proprietary benchmarking metrics with their peers.

6. “It was great to meet Zuora’s customers and hear about their transformation stories.” – a technology consulting partner

The subscription economy is all about transformation. Zuora is powering that transformation. At Subscribed 2016, we’re bringing together industry leaders to tell their stories of solving complex subscription challenges, using data to better understand subscribers, and delivering more meaningful customer experiences.

7. Zuora “should make a t-shirt or hat that says ‘Disruptor'” – A Zuora customer in telecommunications who came for core training

We know that the term “disruptor” is a bit played out. But if a Zuora customer thinks we should proudly wear this title, who are we to disagree? The subscription economy has disrupted traditional business. Zuora is on the forefront of that movement. And Subscribed is where the shift happens. So maybe we should make “Disruptor” t-shirts?

8. “Who would have thought that a product manager delivering feature updates would be so funny and enjoyable?” – marketing professional already looking forward to more fresh content at Subscribed 2016

We know our customers want best practice tips and tricks for optimizing their Zuora usage. So this year we’re providing a full day of hands-on training and use case deep diving. Learn how to use Zuora to stay on top of your subscriber journey (churn, upgrades, downgrades, usage, etc.), manage billing and AR with better reporting, use Z-Finance as your subledger, configure Salesforce and more.

9. “The event exceeded my expectations.” – a marketing professional for an electronics company that’s not yet a subscription business (but will be soon!)

Just as we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every product release, customer support call, and training session, we’re equally passionate about exceeding expectations for our Subscribed conference. That’s why Subscribed 2016 is going to be jam-packed full of thought-provoking content, hands-on training, and great entertainment.

10. “This was the best single company event I have been to.” – finance professional for a cloud-based business who came to learn about Zuora

What more can we say?

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