Leeyo joins Zuora Conference in Las Vegas

Leeyo joins Zuora Conference in Las Vegas

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas isn’t meant to stay in Vegas.

Leeyo Software CEO, Jagan Reddy, was invited to speak at the Zuora Conference in Las Vegas last week. As part of our valued partnership with Zuora, the subscription billing, commerce and finance leader, we were delighted to be in attendance at the two-day program, and will continue to attend events with them throughout the year.

It was an honor to speak in front of their company’s sales and services teams at the conference; an audience of several hundred offered some great feedback and tremendous energy throughout the events. Being able to provide some training and answer direct questions for these groups was a wonderful opportunity to further our partnership.

IMG_1641b“We at Zuora are very fortunate to have Leeyo as a strategic business partner in 2016 and having them participate in our sales and services kick-off further bolstered our great relationship,” said Kristin Hagan, Global Head of ISV’s and Technology Partnerships. “Going into 2016 our relationship is strong and we are actively engaged with Leeyo on numerous client and prospect accounts where advanced revenue recognition is required.”

RevPro, Leeyo’s flagship software package, is recognized as the leading revenue automation solution by many of the biggest names in technology and other industries – including Zendesk, Symantec and a host of other joint Leeyo and Zuora clientele.

RevPro’s benefits include:

* Reduced period-close process time

* Decreased risk of errors through lower reliance on spreadsheets and manual processing

* Smoother, faster and less costly audit preparation

* Accurate and consistent data for improved decision-making

* Compliance with current GAAP/ASC 606

The biggest question we receive in relation to Zuora typically has been how RevPro can benefit SaaS companies in the subscription economy.

“It was great to get the chance to meet people from Zuora’s sales and services teams, who were very excited for this opportunity to learn more about RevPro and how it complements Zuora’s product offerings for their customers,” said Amanda G. Carrillo, Leeyo’s Pre-Sales Accounting Manager.

Carrillo said she was happy to field such in-depth questions as how best to speak about RevPro and position the product as a strong option for customers with fair value challenges, demonstrating the amount of thought being given to the complexity of revenue recognition.

Today, the new revenue recognition guidance has every corporation examining their revenue processing with a deeper scrutiny than ever before.

If your company has any of the following:

1) Multiple revenue streams

2) Multiple transaction sources

3) Complex revenue recognition policies

4) A high volume of transactions

5) Products representing a bundle of goods and services

6) Contract modifications

You’re very likely a good candidate for revenue automation.



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