Zuora – Microsoft Power BI Partnership Will Make Your Data Come to Life

February 4, 2016

Which customers cancelled their subscription yesterday? How is your recognized revenue trending month over month? How about your net payments, outstanding balances, and overall collections performance? These are among the many questions that you have to answer every day for hundreds or thousands of subscriptions.

AR, bookings, billings and revenue metrics seem straightforward when you live in a world where everything is sold as a one-time transaction. But in our current world of subscriptions where subscribers have the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading at any time, reporting and analyzing on key financial metrics is so much harder.

And that is why, I’m excited to share with you our partnership with Microsoft that will bring deep subscription data to life! All your rich subscription data living in Zuora can now be visualized (alongside your other data) as easy-to-consume and interactive dashboards. That’s all your key subscription metrics (e.g., MRR, churn, net payments) readily available for access anytime, anywhere. The dashboards include many common subscription metrics, out-of-the-box reports as well as customizable reports tailored to your team needs.

Here’s a peek at how you can monitor your CMRR all the way down to the account level.


You can also easily filter or edit the dashboard reports. For example, see how easy it is to monitor your revenue contribution by product line.


Interact with the dashboard and ask this smart visualization tool anything you want to know about your subscription data. Let’s say for example, you want to know how many customers have cancelled their subscription this month, simply type in your question and the answer will magically appear.


The best part of it all is that it doesn’t require heavy lifting effort on your part. Simply Login to Power BI > Add a new dataset > Select services > Click on the Zuora content pack > Login to your tenant. This will sync a copy of your Zuora data to Power BI. Once this sync completes, all of your data will be visualized and fully interactive. Point, click, and report away!

Try Zuora with Microsoft Power BI now!