Top Ten Employee Holiday Gifts

It’s the holiday season and you’re probably wondering how to make your team feel special. How do you go beyond fancy offices and free lunches to a more personal level of appreciation? And how do you convey this all year long and not just in December?

If your company is anything like ours – young and forward looking, you already know what your team values – convenience, easy-to-use services that offer immediate results. Solutions rather than stand alone products. Personalized interactions and delightful experiences.

Here are some offbeat, subscription gift ideas that are guaranteed to be valued by your team all year long!

1) Beverages: Take care of your employee’s morning joe. Subscriptions to Blue Bottle coffee or Teavana will be the end of grumpy mornings.

2) Grooming: Ensure your team is always ready to face the outside world with a regular supply of oral care, razors and grooming products! GoodMouth, the Gillette Shave Club and Birchbox come to mind.

3) Wellness: A healthy mind and healthy body go together! Consider giving memberships to ClassPass or a local gym for fitness.

4) News: A subscription to the The Economist or the Wall Street Journal will go a long way to keep your business savvy team on top of their game.

5) Entertainment: Gift some quality downtime with a HBO, Spotify or Lootcrate subscription – bound to be appreciated.

6) Snack/Food boxes: Happy stomachs make happy employees. Delight them with a Try The World gourmet box or ensure healthy eating with Farm Fresh.

7) State Park memberships: Give them an incentive to step outside urban living and enjoy a break in the local state park! The California State Parks Foundation offers several gift options.

8) Spa services: Whether it’s a much deserved break or indulgence, this one is bound to be appreciated!

9) Family: Think beyond the individual contributor and gift something for their children- be they the two-legged or the four-legged kind! GiftLit and Barkbox are some options.

10) Charity: Offer to donate on their behalf to their chosen charity every month.

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