In the Seasonal Spirit….

November 24, 2015

We’re making a list and checking it twice.*

* mainly because we are all very accounting-oriented and it would set our minds at ease.

OK, that might be the start of a different holiday-themed item altogether, but we are making a list (and will look it over more than once because, really, we are accounting-oriented).

The List of Reasons to be Thankful for RevPro

1. By means of properly implementing the RevPro solution, your revenue data is in great shape – or on the way – to be a clean, streamlined source.

2. You can rest comfortably in the knowledge you work for an organization concerned enough about the validity of your revenue processing to not leave it to the risks and dangers of manual computations in spreadsheets.

3. You hopefully have big chunks of time given back to you during closing periods (if that extra time is put to use stuck in lines for holiday sales, we aren’t to blame for that).

4. Your solution isn’t just a piece of software, but a fully fleshed-out package backed by expert services and support personnel unequivocally defined as the most experienced in revenue recognition automation.

5. If you’ve been using RevPro enough to see for yourself, you already know this, but as a reminder: You’ve been given something which shouldn’t be as rare as it is when it comes to your company’s most crucial financial computations – confidence in the accuracy and standardization of your revenue accounting.

6. The eyes, ears and general attention of higher ups on the financial food chain of your organization is focused on you and your revenue team (granted, this could go on a completely different list), due to said confidence in revenue accounting which is likely being put to better use to drive overall company decision-making and increased investor valuations, among other benefits. Likely, you’re in the minority when it comes to this.

7. You’re not on this corner.

8. In a shifting revenue recognition landscape driven by ever evolving guidance, your solution provider was first to market with a product compliant with ASC 606 – which continues to stay in lockstep with clarifications, as announced.

9. We made it all the way through the first seven items on the list before mentioning the new revenue recognition guidance. You’re welcome for our relative restraint.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends!