Announcing The First Issue of "Subscribed"

Announcing The First Issue of "Subscribed"

We’re very pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Subscribed, the only business quarterly dedicated to the Subscription Economy. We’ll be covering a broad array of stories around the profound, systemic commercial shift that’s currently underway — perhaps the biggest economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution — from products to services, inventory to outcomes.

This issue of Subscribed focuses on the Internet of Things, a vast commercial opportunity for OEMs that comes with its own challenges, including security, interoperability and corporate inertia. We also feature fascinating discussions with streaming media companies like OZ, global payment companies like Worldpay, and new transportation services like SurfAir.

We share key insights from industry leaders in customer success and consumer psychology, and we’ve got a great photo feature on recurring revenue models that are popping in all sorts of places, from chai stands to bookstores. The magazine has compelling content with actionable advice for a range of roles including finance, technology, security, and operations.

We’ve showcased select articles for easy reading and sharing on Flipboard.

The entire visual magazine is also available on Issuu for a page-by-page view.

We hope you find some sharp insights here, and stories that will provoke some creative entrepreneurial thought. I’d love to hear what you think!

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