Dia Duit, Dublin! Zuora Heads to Web Summit

After two recent ‘standing room only’ successful events in Europe last month (Subscribed conferences in London and Paris), Zuora heads to Dublin next week for the Web Summit. An annual conference, Web Summit is one of the top gatherings on internet technologies and attracts companies of all sizes and natures – from global Fortune 500 […]

Exposing the Skeletons in Your Closet

The Halloween season is spooky enough without being frightened on the job. We get that. Yet, we’re taking this time of ghouls and goblins to address the skeleton(s) in the room. That being the unflattering aspects of your revenue data, polices and what-not yanked from the cobweb-filled depths of your old processes into the glare […]

Why Own Anything Anymore?

Excerpt from Forbes Having coined the term, perhaps it’s not surprising that Zuora founder Tien Tzuo believes that the “subscription economy” has almost limitless potential. Tzuo is well known in Silicon Valley for being employee number 11 through the door at Salesforce but if the subscription-as-a-service phenomenon he is pioneering through the start-up he launched in 2007, […]

4 Subscription Horror Stories for Halloween

Don’t cover your eyes, because in this post, we’re going to look at subscription horror stories in the context of popular horror, dark comedy, and sci-fi books and movies. Sometimes you need to look your worst fears in the face so you can avoid them. Now you can rent a movie and call it market research! You’re welcome.Learn […]

Announcing The First Issue of “Subscribed”

We’re very pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Subscribed, the only business quarterly dedicated to the Subscription Economy. We’ll be covering a broad array of stories around the profound, systemic commercial shift that’s currently underway — perhaps the biggest economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution — from products to services, inventory to outcomes. This issue of Subscribed focuses […]

What’s the City of the Future? Bristol. Here’s Why.

The first time Paul Wilson explained the “Bristol is Open” project to me, I was reminded of the first time I heard about the Internet. It was a light bulb moment – the idea that a disparate collection of localized data sets could combine into a powerful network of possibilities. Bristol sits near the coast […]

Nightmare on Wall Street

Stock shares take a nosedive. The name Enron is being thrown around as a comparable narrative. A special investigative panel is convened, and not for the purpose of deciding the holiday party theme. If this were your company, you don’t need to peruse the cinematic offerings this Halloween season to scare up a fright. You’re […]

Global Content Subscription Insights from Worldpay

Worldpay is a global leader in payment processing technology and solutions for online businesses. On a typical day, they process 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions. Ieuan Owen, their Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, recently gave a sharp, informed presentation at Subscribed London on content monetization strategies based on data gleaned from an extensive customer […]

Don’t Wait to Automate

A seismic shift in the governing standards of revenue recognition is coming. Fact. The actual date when these drastically altered guidelines become the law of the land is in 2018, more than two years away. Fact. Companies that don’t take advantage of the current pre-transition “downtime” to establish standardized processes while learning the new rules […]

The Financial Times and Paywall 2.0

Last week, the New Yorker ran a feature with quite a prophetic title – TheFinancial Times and the Future of Journalism. The article focused on the paper’s switch from a metered paywall to free trial subscriptions. Why is this so important? To understand the real significance of this move, we need to go back a […]

Nonprofit ‘Need to Knows’ on the New Guidance

Over the past year or so, we’ve made it a point in this space to analyze the new revenue recognition standards from various vantage points. The goal of the converged revenue recognition guidelines announced last year was a more common revenue recognition standard, factoring in the various way entities account for revenue. Today, we visit […]

Looking forward to Subscribed London, 7th October, 2015

The following is a guest post by Pete Tomlinson, Director of Sales & Marketing, KCOM Group. What do myself, Tien Tzuo and Anthony Fletcher (the CEO of Graze) have in common? Well it turns out we have a shared vision for the future of how relationships between businesses and their customers should be. So, perhaps it’s not […]