Is Revenue Automation Worth It?

Revenue is the top line for any company’s financials and if that isn’t in order, the rest of the numbers come into question.

Regardless of industry, there are no excuses for not being able to provide fast, reliable accounting data. Today’s technology makes it possible to streamline that most critical piece of the quote-to-cash cycle known as revenue recognition.

The need is clear. The tools are available. So why don’t more financial decision-makers take the leap? Often, it’s because new tools can equate to additional cost and effort, and it’s difficult to know if that is worthwhile.

RevPro, Zuora’s revenue automation suite, delivers solid financials, lowers risk and enables financial leaders to make better decisions through visibility, efficiency, flexibility and compliance & controls.

To help provide context surrounding these ideals, Zuora is pleased to announce the publication of the white paper, “Return on Investment for Revenue Automation: Complex Processes into Consistent Data.”

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why a revenue automation solution is essential in today’s challenging business environment
  • How accurate and consistent revenue data allows leaders to make better financial decisions
  • What an automated solution can do for even the most complex revenue processes
  • How to demonstrate a return on investment in a revenue automation solution

Click here to download a copy of this informative white paper.

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