Zuora Ignites Subscription Economy In Japan

Today we announced another vital step in Zuora’s international expansion designed to ignite the emerging Subscription Economy in Japan. The new Zuora office in Japan will be led by Country ManagerJunichiro Kuwano, a veteran of Kyriba and Oracle. Eiji Uda, a Special Advisor to Salesforce.com and a member of the advisory board of DocuSign, will […]

What Salesforce.com’s Ascent to Ten Billion Means for The Subscription Economy

Salesforce.com Cloud Computing

    Salesforce.com is going to become the first pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company to achieve a recurring revenue run rate of $10 billion dollars. And when that happens, it won’t just be a success for the SaaS model but for the entire economy. Subscriptions are the future. The global economy is making a vast, systemic […]

New Guidance Through the Regulatory Lens

During the past year we’ve made a concerted effort to keep revenue experts aware of the dramatic overhaul on the horizon for revenue recognition guidance. We’ve come at this from our point of view, from the perspective of longtime industry experts and from the vantage point of some key verticals. Today, we take a more regulatory bent […]

India Expected to Defer Adoption of Ind AS 115

Today, we continue in our series on adoption of the new revenue recognition standard in India. The country is likely to defer adoption of this new accounting standard (known as Ind AS 115) as more consultation is necessary to help clarify the requirements and to provide examples in order to assist with implementation. At the National […]

Revenue Predictability Starts with Revenue Automation

Consistency + Visibility = Predictability We understand better than most the expectations and pressure heaped upon today’s finance department, and revenue managers in particular. Tasked with a more visible role in management reporting to include planning, budgeting and forecasting, successful financial leaders must inform the operational decision-making of company leadership all the while meeting increased […]

Ind AS 115: Delay of India’s New Revenue Standard Considered This Week

Our latest in a series of updates on the new revenue standard in India. As a quick primer: Earlier this year, the country’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) put a roadmap in place for adoption of the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) – India’s accounting standards converged with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). On February […]

Is Revenue Automation Worth It?

Revenue is the top line for any company’s financials and if that isn’t in order, the rest of the numbers come into question. Regardless of industry, there are no excuses for not being able to provide fast, reliable accounting data. Today’s technology makes it possible to streamline that most critical piece of the quote-to-cash cycle […]