Webinar: 5 Phases to Deliver the Right Customer Experience

Webinar: 5 Phases to Deliver the Right Customer Experience

Wednesday, June 17 @ 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET. Register Now.

“For decades, industry has been focused on convincing buyers that they need to own more stuff. The traditional focus of a product supplier and its value chain is to transfer ownership of the product to the customer. But, today’s customers are looking for access to positive experiences, and ownership is not a prerequisite to access. Value is not equal to the product itself; instead customers find value through the experience of using the product.

Business models are evolving to help enable the flexible monetization of experiences, and subscription has proven to be an excellent foundation for this approach. For companies, subscription models help drive predictable, linear revenue and may help with competitive differentiation.

However, getting subscription right is challenging. Instead of simply selling units, subscription success requires the monetization of relationships. Success is not only about signing new subscribers but also about reducing churn. For a subscription strategy to be effective, pricing and packaging need to be full featured, transparent, and aligned with customer experience.”

Amy Konary, Research Vice President, IDC

Join IDC’s Amy Konary and Zuora’s Joe Andrews and Tom Krackeler to learn:

  • The top challenges for businesses in delivering great outcome-based experiences for their subscribers
  • Why you should consider a maturity approach to subscription models
  • Concrete steps you can take today to move forward in your business model approach
  • How RBM and subscription analytics can help you

Register now and receive the IDC MaturityScape: Subscription Business Model Management report! If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording and report after the event.


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