The Shift: How Membership is Changing Businesses Everywhere

The Shift: How Membership is Changing Businesses Everywhere

We’re very excited to be hosting a webinar this Thursday, June 4th at 10:30 AM PST with Craig Barberich, Zuora’s Global Head of Media Solutions, and author and strategist Robbie Kellman Baxter. Craig and Robbie will be discussing “The Shift: How Membership is Changing Businesses Everywhere.”

The author of “The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue,”  Robbie Kellman Baxter brings over twenty years of consulting and marketing expertise to her advisory firm, Peninsula Strategies.  Her clients have included start-ups and mid-sized venture-backed companies as well as industry leaders such as Netflix, Yahoo, Oracle and eBay. Over the past ten plus years, Peninsula Strategies has advised nearly one hundred organizations on growth strategy.

Robbie recently gave an outstanding presentation at our annual Subscribed Conference on how membership programs are impacting the media industry (feel free to take a look at her slide presentation here).

Some issues we’ll be discussing:

  • What the membership economy is and why it matters
  • Tools and processes that are required to launch a successful membership service
  • What to expect from your members and customers
  • Pricing strategies for membership access

Please join us!

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