Subscribed: Day Two Highlights


“Multi-billion dollar companies have been formed by taking care of convenience.”

Professor Baba Shiv, Stanford Business School


“Sixty percent of Subscription Economy CFOs state that their companies are growing at 40% per annum.”

Tyler Sloat, CFO,  Zuora


Over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list in 2000 are gone. Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.”

Ray Wang


“Just because you have an API does not mean your product is a platform.”

Judy Loehr, Cloud Apps Capital Partners


“Selling in the Subscription Economy takes more work. It’s not about landing two big licensing deals then playing golf the rest of the year.”

Todd Barnett, Acquia


“There’s nothing worse than not being able to share a great report.”

Chris Bruner, Zuora


“Parents blow through 30% of their disposable income on short-term products, because kids grow up fast. It shouldn’t have to be like that.”

Ranan Lachman, Pley


“Customers are looking at what is the value they’re getting. It’s not so much about the price, but what they get out of it. People are happy to pay more for value.”

Merav Munz, Rogers Communications


“Our sales model at used to be: call, demo, hope, harass, close. But today it’s about listening to your customer first, understanding their pain points, and creating the right value proposition.”

Derek Draper, Pattern


“If you want more referrals, nail the basics. The high-touch stuff comes later. You have to delight people first.”

Andrew Pimental, DemandForce


“No one has a market that’s a homogenous blob.”

Judy Loehr, Cloud Apps Capital Partners


“There are a lot of people out there that want a job. You need to hire people that want your job.”

Sean Hughes, Tableau


“Farming and hunting are different skill sets. But they’re both imperative.”

Shaun Donnelly, Support.Com


“The path to simple is from simplistic to complex to simple. And few can make that journey.”

Tom Mohr, CEO Quest


We’ve got you covered.”

Lei Jin, Zuora


Many thanks to our extraordinary speakers for an insightful two days. We’ll see you on the Academy.  


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