Zuora Delivers Feature-Packed Punch at Subscribed!

Zuora Delivers Feature-Packed Punch at Subscribed!

At Zuora, we are on a journey to power the subscription economy. 7 years and 75 product releases later, we are passionate about giving you the most exceptional and reliable solution for subscription businesses – in commerce, billing, finance and now, customer analytics and insights.

So, what’s next?  Here are some key highlights from Subscribed 2015:

Z-Business: Our RBM solution – the engine that powers your subscription business model. In the subscription economy, you need an end-to-end solution that spans pricing, web, commerce, quoting, billing, payment collections, revenue recognition and integrates seamlessly with your accounting GL. These were never easy to begin with and their complexity has grown exponentially as consumers evolve and seek more customization.

Ramp Deals: Pre-negotiate a future increase in pricing at the time of the initial order. Ramp deals help with a positive net dollar retention, a critical metric used to measure the long term health of your subscription business.

Multi-Action Orders: In the subscription economy, a single order may contain multiple actions – renewal, add-on, modifications, etc. It’s now easier to book, easier to report on and easier to see everything as one single order in Zuora. Yes, even complex orders.

Suspend & Resume: Customers today only want to pay for what they use. If the only way to do this at your company is to cancel a subscription, you risk the customer never coming back. What if you could put subscribers on temporary hold rather than having them cancel the service altogether? With Z-Business, you can do it. And rest easy, your billing, finance and revenue recognition impacts are all automatically adjusted.

Payments: With Z- Business, the world is your oyster. Top payment methods and most popular gateways across Europe? International gateways and various flavors of direct debit payment methods? SEPA? 5-cent rounding? All out-of-the-box.

Configurable Payment Retry: Customize how often you want to retry a failed payment, based on the payment method and type of failure last encountered. Optimize your cash collection efforts and avoid upsetting any customers with overdraft charges in the process!

Spotlight: We’ve learnt a lot from working with the leaders in the subscription economy. Last year, 10M data exports were run in Zuora, accessing nearly 7TB of data. That’s more than a 700% increase from the previous year.  With Spotlight , we put world class subscription reporting at your fingertips:

  • New, intuitive and interactive report builder
  • Best practice out of the box reports
  • Easy sharing with your team

Spotlight also transforms the reporting and analytics infrastructure to make it highly performative, even at scale. So, you can view, analyze and act quickly.

RBM Connect: On average, we receive 750m API calls/month which means our customers want us to be an open platform that can help support your specific use cases. RBM Connect is your answer.

Released just last week, RBM Connect is a marketplace that brings together our technology partners and a massive community of developers – we already have 89 applications and integrations listed and available.

Z-Insights: Z-Insights, the newest in the Z-suite is a subscriber experience analytics tool. It provides you with a more comprehensive view of your subscribers and plenty of detail so you can deliver more personalized, compelling and engaging experiences.

Highlights on Z-Insights here

Highlights on Zuora for Salesforce here

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