Nobody Understands Salesforce Better Than Zuora

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Salesforce runs in our DNA. After all, our CEO Tien Tzuo was its 11th employee and went on to become the CMO, prior to founding Zuora.

Without Zuora for Salesforce, the handoff from the front-office to the back-office is usually a manual process which carries with it a high risk of errors. And errors translate into miserable subscriber experiences. Not cool in the subscription economy.

Like you, we want to avoid errors and minimize customer dissatisfaction. Placing the right information and tools in the hands of your Reps is a great place to start. The new Zuora for Salesforce features announced at Subscribed 2015 enables them to deliver phenomenal subscription experiences!

Zuora for Salesforce – Titanium

We’ve been building Zuora for Salesforce since 2008. And this year at Subscribed 2015, we announced more features to our Titanium edition:

Lifecycle Quoting: A key differentiator of the subscription economy is that it’s not always about acquiring new customers. Instead, it’s about retaining and developing existing customers. Lifecycle Quoting is a seamless integration in Zuora for Salesforce that enables Reps to create upgrade quotes, add-on quotes, renewal quotes and even cancellations.

Integrated Quote to Cash: It’s a no-brainer that inaccurate invoices make for  miserable subscriber experiences. But, can you really avoid billing mistakes? With our “Send to Billing” component, you can. After a subscriber agrees to purchase add ons or renew, the information is pushed to the back-office Billing department so recurring billing and payment collection can begin. Easy and error free.

Guided selling: As businesses grow and subscribers evolve, offerings turn more complex. Sales Reps are unable to remember the many services they have to offer leaving subscribers disappointed. The first step is to present information in an easy way to your Reps. Our Guided Selling feature helps your Reps select the right products and offer customers a smooth and efficient experience.

Upgrading to Titanium is easy! Email us at today!

Zuora for Salesforce – Topaz

Titanium is packed with features but we are not stopping there. Once you upgrade, you will also be ready for our next major release of Zuora for Salesforce – Topaz – which will be available in the next 12 months. Here’s a sneak peek!

Configurable Sync: Fine-grained control over what information to sync from Zuora to Salesforce. Sales Reps don’t always need all of the rich subscriber history that resides in Zuora and you certainly don’t want to pay hefty Salesforce fees to store what’s not needed. So, configure only what you’d like to sync between the two.

Add Ons: It’s a given that you should recommend certain add-ons for certain products. As subscriptions become more sophisticated and product catalogs continue to get bigger, this becomes harder. With Topaz, these base and add-on product relationships can be defined to help your Reps select the right add-ons.

Bundling Admin: A favorite feature of our Product team, Bundling gives you the ability to package products together for a single price. And with just a click or two, your Reps will be able to deliver a bundle of great services to your subscribers and customize add-ons!

Rules: The final safety net to make sure everything your Rep quotes is correct. You can set up simple configurations such as a product recommendation rule, a product incompatibility rule, a price rule, etc.

A simple configuration. Error free quotes.  So subscribers always have a great experience.

These are just a few of the incredible number of new Zuora for Salesforce features coming your way soon!

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