Subscribed 2015: Announcing the Arrival of Z-Insights

In front of a packed keynote audience at Subscribed 2015, today Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo announced the upcoming launch of Z-Insights, a subscriber experience analytics solution that will help businesses design an engaging, memorable and compelling subscriber journey.

Z-Insights combines Z-Business, Zuora’s leading subscription commerce, billing and finance system, with the expertise and technology obtained with the acquisition of customer usage analytics provider Frontleaf.

This is a game-changer — Zuora’s first corporate acquisition is resulting in a completely new subscription analytics dashboard.

Z-Insights will enable companies to connect vast amounts of subscriber data from multiple sources in order to better understand their subscribers and take concrete actions to improve the subscriber experience.

The first set of Z-Insights modules includes:

  • Subscriber Identity – A real-time view of subscribers, derived by aggregating subscriber demographic and attribute data from multiple sources. Examples of identity data include account balance, company data, demographics, recurring revenue value, social data, and user counts.
  • Subscriber Moments – A live window into what subscribers are doing, derived by capturing subscriber events from multiple sources. Examples of moments include cancellations, new sign-ups, offers accepted, sent email, service usage, tickets filed, upgrades, and consumption patterns.
  • Subscriber Segments – Dynamic subsets of the subscriber population that enable companies to identify and take meaningful action on those segments. Examples of segments include add-on targets, companies with more than 5,000 users, free users likely to convert to paid, high-volume users, new subscribers, population at risk of churn, upsell targets, and users with declining usage.
  • Subscriber Triggers – The ability to trigger engagement with subscribers through multiple external channels and applications. Examples of engagement capabilities include email campaigns via email marketing or customer success tools, in-app messages, mobile alerts, and tasks assigned to account managers in a CRM system.
  • Subscriber Dashboard – A command center view of an individual subscriber’s profile and status, including key identity attributes, active segments, moments feed, top recommendations, and more. The Subscriber Dashboard is portable and can be published to external systems, such as a CRM application.

Learn more about Z-Insights here, and stay tuned for more exciting news from Subscribed 2015! Please follow us at #Subscribed15.

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