Manage Fewer Quote Templates with Conditional Logic

With all the madness that is the sales process, the last thing you want to worry about are quote templates. Yet it’s easy to constantly find yourself shuffling through dozens and dozens of them.

Managing quote templates can quickly become overwhelming. Especially when they’re static word documents, where every minor variation of a template requires that you create and manage a whole new template. Now consider the million different ways you customize your quote templates for your subscribers. Before you know it, you find yourself managing dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of quote templates!

For those of you living this life day in and day out, you know what we mean. For those of you a little shell shocked, let us give you an example:

Say you take payments by check and credit card. For customers paying by check, you would have to create a template with an additional line that reads “Please send your check to this address….” and for customers paying by credit card you want that one-liner to read “Thank you for your payment”. So just for this one line difference, you’ve already doubled your template count.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could use a single template to quote all your customers, regardless of whether they’re paying by check or credit card? Enter Zuora!

This month, Zuora has released conditional logic on quote templates. With conditional logic, you can use a single template to display different messages based on a set of defined conditions. To continue our payment method example, now instead of having to maintain separate templates for customers paying by check and customers paying by credit card, you can have a single quote template for both payment methods! If payment type is check, display one message, if payment type is electronic, display another. And just like that, you’ve gone from managing multiple quote templates to one. Template management made easy!

To learn more about conditional logic on Zuora quote templates, click here. And don’t forget, conditional logic is also available on invoice templates!


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