Zuora Customer Support & The Stevies

We’re up for a Stevie again — please vote for the Zuora Support Team! 

How is the Zuora Support Team doing? You can find out right here. We run a live customer support satisfaction number on our support page. It tends to hover in the high 90s, and we’re very proud of that fact.

We’re coming off a great year. Thanks to an exploding client base we saw a 43%+ increase on the number of tickets submitted, all while increasing our average CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) from 95% to 96% for the entire team. The industry benchmark is 86%.

We also managed to solve 40% of all tickets in one-touch, with a median first reply time of 36 minutes. In order to support the high influx of new customers and related tickets, we opened a new Europe office and created an advanced solution group for complex requests. We maintained zero employee attrition and developed a number of subject matter experts.

We also designed, implemented and deployed a new system status page featuring real-time product and sandbox response analytics to continue to be completely transparent with our amazing customers.

Finally, we’re very proud of the gold Stevie Award we won last year for outstanding customer service, and would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for us this year. Thank you!

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