Zuora for Salesforce Product News: Sell Smarter With Our New Rules Engine

Zuora for Salesforce Product News: Sell Smarter With Our New Rules Engine

If you are a salesperson, you are likely working with a myriad of rules. There are rules about what territories you should cover, rules about how to engage with prospects, rules about how to qualify leads, rules about what you should sell, rules about how you should price, rules about discounting, … the list goes on.

Not to mention the fact that the average enterprise business has hundreds of potential products that you could sell. For each of them, your business may have rules that dictate when each product should or should not be combined with other offers.

Without a system that automatically knows how to apply these rules, you are constantly struggling to piece together the perfect quote that will meet the needs of your customer, and fit within the rules defined by your business.

You are wasting precious time creating quotes that frequently get rejected by finance, because they break a rule. In the meantime, you could be closing more deals.

That’s why this month Zuora is adding a rules engine into its Zuora for Salesforce quotes product. This will simplify your life tremendously when it comes to dealing with two kinds of rules that often apply to sales quotes:

  1. Product inclusion and exclusion rules
  2. Pricing rules

Let’s take a quick look at how our new rules engine will benefit you:

1. Product Inclusion and Exclusion Rules

Let’s look at two hypothetical selling situations.

If a customer wants to purchase a “premium” cable subscription, then your company might have a rule to always include particular high speed cable modem with that subscription:


This is an example of an “inclusion rule.”

Conversely, if a customer indicates that they have 1000 end users, then it would make sense to stop you from selecting any products that support less than 1000 users.


This is an example of an “exclusion rule.”

Now you have the ability to define and deploy both kinds of rules.

Your sales operations team will be able to configure Zuora for Salesforce to automatically include or exclude products in quotes, based on the rules your business has defined.

  1. Pricing Rules

Each product you sell has a price, but your business has rules that require that price to be adjusted based on any number of variables, such as customer type, region, or the fact that it is being combined with certain other products.

 In this example, if your potential buyer also happens to be a “distributor” for the “government” sector, then you have to adjust the price of the subscription by 2%.


This is an example of a “pricing” rule.

Your sales operations team will now be able to configure Zuora for Salesforce to automatically change pricing in quotes based on rules your business has defined.


 As a salesperson you deal with a number of rules on a daily basis. With the new rules engine in Zuora for Salesforce, you can finally let the system deal with the complexity of applying the right rules in a quote, so you can focus on closing more deals.

To see this in action join our product team for an interactive webinar Jan 29th and watch a live demo of these new capabilities.

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