Webinar - The Odd Couple: The Product Manager & The Controller on Global Payment Strategies


There are currently over 200 alternative payment methods (or non-credit card payment methods) available worldwide.

By 2017, these alternative payment methods are expected to account for 60% of all online transactions.

Each of them has their own unique application and settlement processes, as well as supported languages and currencies. And they’re all subject to different domestic rules and regulations.

So how do you know which ones to accept?

And how do you align your finance team with your operations group in the process?

Join payment experts Lukasz Weber, Payment Product Manager at Zuora, and Iain Hassall, VP Finance & Corporate Controller at Zuora, as they assess dozens of proven global payment strategies to help your business expand intelligently.

Signs you should join this webinar:

  • You’re a growing company and you want to expand internationally
  • You’re struggling to identify which payment methods to capture in varying regions
  • You want to prepare and enable your finance team as you add more payment gateways and adopt new payment processes

Register now for this 30-minute webinar and you’ll walk away with actionable payment strategies and be forever known internally as the Payment Strategy Guru.

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