Real-Time Means Good Times with Zuora for Salesforce

Real-Time Means Good Times with Zuora for Salesforce

 Osman Javed is an Associate Product Manager at Zuora

Zuora for Salesforce has been built to ensure your front office and back office teams are constantly in sync, operating with the same information at all times. This concept of synchronized data becomes extremely important when running a subscription business. Why?

Because everything in a subscription business is high frequency. Instead of selling once, you sell repeatedly, even after you’ve acquired a customer. Instead of collecting payments once, you collect payments repeatedly, sometimes multiple times a month. Instead of recognizing revenue once, you recognize revenue repeatedly, in some cases even daily. And the list goes on.

While each business handles these different elements of subscription operations differently, there is one thing that all successful subscriptions businesses do well — placing a focus on their customer data.

Successful subscription businesses take a manic approach to constantly maintaining consistent and up-to-date customer data. These businesses understand the idea that the entire organization must develop a consistent understanding of their customer, from sales all the way to engineering. No matter what team you’re on, your customer data must be timely and relevant.

For example, if an account manager is reaching out to a customer for an up-sell, shouldn’t she be aware that the billing team has never been able to collect a payment from the customer due to an outdated credit card number? Shouldn’t the finance team be able to recognize revenue as soon as payment is collected against an invoice?

And while all of this is greatly beneficial for the business, what about the customer? Using consistent and up-to-date customer data throughout your organization is paramount to delivering a positive customer experience. How frustrating is it repeating yourself when bouncing around from customer service representative to customer service representative.

And this is why we’ve built Zuora for Salesforce, a fully native application that keeps your entire organization in sync. With Zuora for Salesforce, key Zuora subscriber data such as a customer’s purchase history, subscriptions, invoices, payments, and key subscription metrics are all synced directly with Salesforce in real-time. So if your sales team closes an up-sell in Salesforce, your billing team will immediately see that reflected in Zuora.

And similarly, if a customer calls your billing department to pay an invoice, your customer service representative working in Salesforce will see that payment immediately reflected directly in Salesforce, in real-time. To find out more about how Zuora can help your organization stay in sync and consistently deliver meaningful customer experiences, click here.


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