Mobile CPQ Comes To The Subscription Economy

Mobile CPQ Comes To The Subscription Economy

Today Zuora is very excited to announce that we’re bringing CPQ into the Subscription Economy.

Zuora for Salesforce, our native application, will soon feature a host of powerful new subscription CPQ and mobile quoting abilities.

 Enterprises are increasingly choosing Zuora’s Z-Business and Zuora for Salesforce instead of traditional CPQ solutions. Why? Because they have  unique challenges:

  • They have large, existing complex product sets that most “native” subscription businesses don’t have.

  • They also typically have a large, diverse customer base with varying needs and requirements.

  • They have distributed sales teams that require mobility, operational efficiency and responsiveness to the unique needs of their customers.

In short, traditional CPQ systems have problems in the Subscription Economy.  They can take quotes, but they can rarely handle billing or recognize revenue appropriately for recurring revenue-based models. That’s why more and more companies are turning to our CPQ solution, because it addresses enterprise challenges with:

  • Product inclusion and exclusion rules designed for enterprises such as traditional software, IoT, PaaS and IaaS businesses that typically have large product sets with complex rules that need to be automatically applied during the quoting process.

  • Dynamic price calculation rules to enable price adjustments based on unique customer requirements, or the specific product configuration that a customer is choosing.

  • Mobile subscription quoting that will enable sales teams on the move to quickly and efficiently create and deliver quotes to customers via the Salesforce1 platform at any stage of the subscriber lifecycle on mobile and tablet devices.

Our new CPQ capabilities will supplement an already amazing Zuora for Salesforce feature set that includes:

  • A native subscription quoting application, designed to handle subscription quoting, including mid-term upgrades, downgrades, cancellations and renewals.

  • Guided selling capabilities, designed for businesses that have large, complex catalogs and therefore need to guide sales and service professionals to the right products and right add-ons in an intuitive, Amazon-like browsing experience.

  • Visibility into key subscription metrics via pre-built subscription reports with insights into renewals, MRR, TCV, DMRR, DTCV, A/R Aging and more.

  • The ability to create your own subscription business reports directly in Salesforce.

  • Insights into subscriber billing and payment data to enable better customer service and support.

  • One-click quote-to-cash conversions.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Zuora’s Z-Business application, to manage  the downstream complexities of billing, payment collections and revenue recognition.

To date, over 70% of Zuora’s customers including Zendesk, Dell, and Xplornet are extending Salesforce with Zuora’s 100% native application, and over 5.5 billion records have been shared between Zuora and Salesforce since the product was launched.

It’s a remarkable partnership and we’re excited to take it to the next level.


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