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Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

The universe of electronic payments is complicated. And even more so when you start to branch out to different countries. The secret to ensuring that you can give your customers the widest possible choice of methods to use when they pay you is this: Work with the top payment partners in each geographical region.

We know you like Zuora’s easy-to-use integrated payment gateways. What’s not to like? Enter your gateway credentials, pick a few defaults, and you’re all set. No coding required, and a whole new world of payment transactions is suddenly accessible to you.

This month we are expanding our network of global integrated gateways. Stripe is a hugely popular gateway for credit card payments amongst our high growth mid market customers, as well as our B2C enterprise customers. Beginning this month, Stripe is fully integrated with Zuora. The payment world’s developer darling now works seamlessly with the world’s best subscription management platform. What more could you ask for?


Well, it turns out that you did ask for more. Just being able to process credit card payments is not enough. Customers in Australia and New Zealand primarily prefer to make their electronic payments via Australian Direct Debit and New Zealand Direct Debit. So this month we have also added IP Payments to our network of integrated gateways. IP payments is an award-winning gateway from down under, that works with over 3500 enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region. So whether it’s credit cards in North America, or Direct Debit in the Asia-Pacific region, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our other supported gateways and processors here.





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