Zuora Product News: Two New “S” Words We're Excited About - Segment and Summarize.



Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

Many of you use Zuora as a revenue sub-ledger. Which means that you use Zuora to manage subscriptions, generate invoices, process payments, and create revenue schedules. And at the end of every month, you create journal entries in your accounting application that reflect the A/R and revenue impacts of the transactions running on Zuora.


This month-end process to summarize your business can often be stressful. Long days at the office, gallons of coffee, millions of transactions to summarize and sort through. That’s why we will soon be releasing two new features in Z-Finance that will help make closing your books faster and easier.


First, we will introduce “segmentation” rules in Zuora. This means that you can segment your transactions in Zuora the same way as as you segment them in your existing enterprise financial applications like Oracle, or SAP. We find that most enterprises want to segment their business by product line, by region, by department etc. You’ll be able to create those segments in Zuora to mirror the segments you have in your accounting system.




Secondly, we will automate the process of generating journal entries from Zuora. So now at month end, when you need to summarize your business into a handful of journal entries, you can do that with a few clicks, rather than having to pore over multiple spreadsheets and derive the journal entries yourself. We’re sure this will save you a few long nights at the office, and cut down on those late night coffee runs.



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