Zuora Product News: Restrict access to data on a “need-to-know” basis.



Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

Does data access and data security keep you up at night? If you are the CIO of a large, global, multi-divisional enterprise, then we’re guessing it does.

You probably have multiple, semi-autonomous product lines. You likely have customers spread across the globe managed by regional teams, and you worry about users from one team stepping on data that should be restricted to another team. And even within teams, you probably have different levels of data that different users should and should not have access to.

You want to control access to your data based on “need-to-know” rules. The product manager of the cloud storage product line that is only sold in North America does not need to know about the networking software product line that is only sold in Australia. The billing operations staff that manages billing for customers in Australia does not need to know about the customers or the bills sent out in North America.



Zuora’s new data access controls feature was built to solve these complex enterprise data access issues. It helps CIOs create data access hierarchies that map to any organizational structure an enterprise has.

Once a hierarchy of data access controls is defined, users and records within the application can be associated to any level in the hierarchy. Users can only access data that maps to their hierarchy level and the levels below.


This gives enterprise CIOs control over who can access data within any area of the Zuora application. So there you have it. “Need-to-know” access is no longer something limited to top secret government agencies and James Bond spy movies. It’s now available in Zuora.



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