We’re good at rolling with adjustments. And now you get to pick which direction to roll.



Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

Things seldom follow a happy, straightforward path. And that’s even more true for subscription businesses, where subscribers often change plans, shift dates, stop subscriptions, or even (God forbid) fail to pay you for the wonderful monthly service you provide.


Zuora’s always been good at managing change. We roll with the changes, and figure out what needs to happen downstream with your invoicing and revenue processes to make sure the right bills get sent, and the revenue numbers tie up.


But often you have to make adjustments to actual invoices. The reason for these adjustments could be any number of things. And these adjustments have revenue recognition impacts. In most cases, these adjustments impact the same time period and the same revenue and deferred revenue accounts as the original charge.



But sometimes these adjustments need to be recorded against a different time period and different account from the original charge.


With the newly released advanced options for adjustments, finance users will now be able to override the accounting period and the revenue accounts that are impacted by invoice item adjustments.


More flexibility. More leverage. So you can roll with the adjustments.


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