Combining complex pricing with elegant invoicing. It’s not impossible anymore.




Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

We know you love using using volume and tiered pricing models in the Zuora product catalog. And why not? It gives your business a lot of fine grained control over different offers you can create for customers at different levels. And your customers love you for it.


But then it comes time to invoice them. And that’s when it gets hard. How do you display something like this on an invoice without confusing a customer? It often gets complicated to decide how a complex pricing table like this should be displayed on an invoice.


With the July release, you can now display volume and tiered price calculations with much more clarity on an invoice, and in doing so, reduce the number of questions you get about these calculations. Just like this for example:


We love how clear and simple this is. And it’s all done using our new invoice template merge fields that work magic on complex pricing models.

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